Scorpio: The Underworld Phoenix

Welcome to Scorpio! Time of secrets, transformation, and resurrection. After exiting the harmonious, self loving time of Libra, we now enter the time of Scorpio which puts to thes test, the balancing act of higher self and lower self. The star sirius rules Scorpio which is all about spirituality and higher consciousness. If you have done the work during Libra time to work with your shadow side, then this next month will be one of integration, of using your shadows and subconscious to create a brand new shift within yourself.

Scorpio energy is all about temptation. Are we going to give into the frivolity of this next month, or are we going to operate from our higher minds? Scorpio is a water sign so it’s also a highly creative and psychic time, so be cautious of how your imagination is shaping your life. Since Scorpionic energy cuts to the issue and source of everything, take this next month as a time to face your issues head on and clear them away. Scorpionic energy is highly regenerative, so you will be able to bounce back with ease. Scorpio is going to show you what you need to transform through opening up the heart and committing to that which you most need. The symbol for Scorpio is most notably the Scorpion. However, the eagle/phoenix is its truest symbol. Scorpionic energy looks straight into the eyes of its obstacles and coupled with its extreme perceptiveness, creates a courageous energy that is able to rise from the ashes and be reborn,that is, if you use your powers for good, not evil.

Overall tip of this next month is to use the heightened perceptivity by going into the underworld chambers of your subconscious to navigate this transparent time to your advantage.


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