Chocolat #octoberoracle

The Chocolat series by Joanne Harris is my favourite book series of all time. The domestic spells, the nomadic lifestyle, the magic of home and hearth, France through the eyes of wandering witches, and authentic self expression are all themes within the story that weaves a delightfully heart wrenching and mystical fable.


I love Astrodients’s description of the story

“In the movie, Vianne Rocher is a scandalously single mother, whose wanderlust takes her to a sleepy village in post-war France. It’s the kind of place where people know what’s expected. They go to confession. They dig their flowerbeds. They understand their place in the scheme of things (and if they forget, someone will surely remind them). When they see things they shouldn’t see, they know how to turn their heads. When life disappoints them, they learn not to ask for more. But one day, following a sly wind, Vianne arrives with her daughter. Wearing bright red capes, they bring vital new energy to this stone gray town. Soon enough Vianne opens a chocolate shop. During Lent! Made from ancient Mayan recipes, her chocolates have mysterious powers. They unlock hidden yearnings, awaken passion, instill new conviction and strength. The priest condemns her as Satan’s helper. The mayor wants her run out of town. Her daughter cries “Why can’t you go to church and wear black shoes like the other mothers?”

Vianne is a wild one. Within your 5th house lives a wild spirit too. It wants to shake up your sleepy life. It wants to stimulate your ecstasy for being in the moment. Vianne has an affair with a gypsy. She is clairvoyant too, knowing exactly which chocolate remedy – the rose creme, the chocolate seashells, or the cacao and chili drink – a person’s soul might be craving.”

The sequel The Lollipop Shoes is even more mesmerizing, but this time, a mysterious character known as Zozie De Alba brings her own magic to the Rocher’s threatening everything they have created.

Chocolat can be compared to the 5th house in Astrology- the house of the waywards, the bedouin spirit, this is the place where your truest essence can come out to shine, without fear of rejection, criticism, or worry.
Like Vianne Rocher who intuitively uses chocolate and magic to assist others in their journey, find your own magic through being the free independent soul you are, and through that, you will be helping others too:)

Chocolat (2000) original   screen-used:

juliette binoche from the movie chocolat -:

Chocolat - holy cow I love this movie.: this movie and this store she opens....and her! and Johnny Depp!! Ok, I love everything about this movie!:



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