Supermoon in Aries: I am the Warrior

I am going to keep this super short and sweet by focusing on the moonbeams during this lunation. Essentially, we have been in a cycle of death since the beginning of 2016 as we have been doing alot of purging and releasing in order to make room for the new 2017 energy about to come in. October, and more specifically during this full moon, we are going to be entering into a cycle of rebirth, as 2016 winds down.


10 universal month of instant manifestation, aries 1st sign of zodiac= new beginnings

Emotional breakthroughs that take you to a new place, new environment, new terrain

Mercury conjunct sun in libra= greater understanding to analyze and communicate very clearly with others, lots of mind energy, rebalancing of plans in a breakthrough way

Moon powerful T Square to Mars and Pluto in capricorn= invigorates you

26 universal date= 8= balance of heaven and earth- leadership, courage, merging into one

Taking action

Taking a stand- this past year has been all about getting honest with your feelings, now it’s time to act upon those feelings

Standing up for something or someone

Since Aries is the warrior energy, step outside of your comfort zone, conjunct uranus= rebellious, change is inevitable.

Mercury-Pluto square, speak the truth, even when it is risky, share uniqueness with the world, no filter- be prepared, you are really going to see things for as they actually are.

Because this is a super-moon, all of these moonbeams will be super heightened!

Check to see where the moon will be transiting in your natal chart, as this is the area of your life where you will be a warrior, transforming and breaking through!



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