Circe- The Witch in You #octoberoracle

Circe is fascinating mythology. Deemed a minor Goddess of magic, she is also known as a nymph, sorceress and enchantress who resides on the island of Aeaea – a mythical place mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.

She was the daughter of Helius, the god of the Sun and Perse, an Oceanid – one of thousands of daughters of the seas, also known as mermaids and sirens. She is said to be the mother of the Minotaur and to turn her enemies into animals of they cross her and to be extremely knowledgeable of herbs and toxins.

It is claimed in Homer’s Odyssey, that Odysseus was on his travels to Ithaca,when he landed upon Aeaea and discovered Circe living in a mansion within a clearing that was protected by lions and wolves. The guests were welcomed by these creatures and Circe, offered them to sit at a feast as she worked at her loom. Unbeknown of Odysseus’s crew, she had laced part of the meal and they were all turned into pigs with a wave of her wand as they gorged themselves on her offerings. Eurylochus, who was suspicious of Circe from the get go, stayed out of the feasting and warned Odysseus and the others who had remained on the ship. Odysseus wanted to rescue his men but was warned by Hermes (Mercury) to use a special herb to thwart her powers, or she would render his ‘manhood’ useless. He followed Hermes advice, freed his men, then remained by Circe’s side for one year, drinking, eating and manhooding. After this year, he was released and able to return to his land of Ithaca.

The asteroid Circe in your natal chart can indicate where you have the ability to bewitch others, it is how and where you experience magical events in your life, it also indicates how you seek non-traditional answers to your most burning questions.

For example; I have Circe in Aquarius in my 9th House

This is all about breaking through limiting beliefs, cultural and social norms and expectations as you bring to life new ways of thinking, new forms of learning, expansion and awareness. The magic is in your original interpretation of reality. You use that magic to teach others, to pave new roads.

I can definitely see how my originality, uniqueness, and overall mystical vibe is some real potent magic. I’ve always found being misunderstood difficult, however it is actually me weaving spells, and enchanting others, who have only excluded me, because of my threatening sorcery!

Check to see where Circe is in your natal chart, and unleash your inner witch!

Stay tuned, I will be doing some blog posts on Hekate & Medea, the other 2 asteroid witches!

If you would like to join in on my October Oracle, please use the hashtag #octoberoracle.


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