New Moon in Libra: Black Beauty

Date: September 30/October 1

Time: 1:11am Universal Time, 8:11am Eastern Time

Moonbeams: New beginnings, transformation, love, self-worth, shadows

Welcome to our first new moon after the eclipses, which is brand new energy magnified. This is also the second new moon of September if you are in the Americas, which is known as a Black Moon.

This new moon is happening at 8:11am Eastern Time and 1:11am Universal time, on September 30 in the Americas, and October 1 everywhere else. The energy of October will also be coming into play which is the 10th month of the year which reduces to 1…………..look at all those ones!

This new moon is going to see the beginning of something new, an entirely new you, the birth of something new, especially in terms of love. This really won’t be fully seen and experienced until our Full Moon in Libra happening next year, around April 11. But this doesn’t mean that parts of the new you will be hidden. Quite the opposite actually. The sun and moon are together in Libra at 8 degrees which is all about saying goodbye to what is no longer serving you, but in order to that, you must first confront the shadows.

Our Black Moon is associated with the goddess Demeter. Demeter is the goddess of harvest, whose rage at having her daughter Persephone kidnapped by Hades is the representation of fall and winter when growth dies. The rebirth is when Persephone is reunited with her Mother in the Spring. We must be careful during this moon to be extra careful about our thoughts. They co-create our reality. Yes, there is a divine plan for each of us, but our free will comes to down to our thinking patterns.Whatever you want to create in terms of all things Libra & Venus- beauty, love, art, creative self-expression, now is the time to do some visualization and intention setting around those themes. Imagine you have already acquired those things. Embrace that energy! Neptune is trine Venus which is all about spiritualizing love. When you think about soul mates, or spiritual self expression, what does that look like for you? Jupiter is square Mars in Capricorn, so set realistic goals for yourself, without over-committing, find the balance. As well, our moon is conjunct Jupiter, so the possibilities are endless, now is the time to dream big!

We will come to see what is truly holding us back during this lunation as Libra forces us to look our shadows in the eye. A really simple way to do this, is to think back to January when you set those intentions for 2016, how have they been coming along? 

This is only  way we can plant the seeds for our spring bloom during this season of harvesting.



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