Day 9 of my Personal Wavespell

I have been in my personal Wavespell of the White Wizard since September 19 and will remain so until October 1. This happens to be my wavespell as I am a White Overtone Mirror which falls into this period.

This is a time of receptivity and enchantment. Seeing true intentions of others, being highly receptive to multidimensional energies, and aligning one’s self with divine will.

Today is the 9th day of my Wavespell. Today is the day of White Solar Wind which is all about understanding that invisible forces are always guiding me. Spontaneity and simplicity, and being present, is the inspiration that births life and spirit since it comes from the sun.


A question I need to reflect on today is How do I shine the light for others?

I am able to shine light for others by being an inspiration. Being present by opening up my heart, releasing judgement, and allowing myself to be seen.

The 9th day corresponds to the 9th house in Western Astrology which is all about faraway places, higher education, religion, philosophy, mysticism, divination, and publishing. The 9th house is considered one of the most human houses, whereby this is where we strive to understand things that are bigger than our selves.

I happen to have Saturn in my 9th house so there has definitely been a big focus on philosophy. This also denotes someone who works in Law, which I do, and is someone who studies metaphysics, which I obviously do. White solar wind asks me to be open minded, which is when I will truly be able to shine and reflect the truths of the universe. Being my true authentic self, is the only thing that matters, because like the wind, that is when we are the most free!


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