Day 8 of my Personal Wavespell

I have been in my personal Wavespell of the White Wizard since September 19 and will remain so until October 1. This happens to be my wavespell as I am a White Overtone Mirror which falls into this period.

This is a time of receptivity and enchantment. Seeing true intentions of others, being highly receptive to multidimensional energies, and aligning one’s self with divine will.

Today is the 8th day of my Wavespell that being Red Galactic Dragon.


Red Galactic Dragon is all about trusting that the divine will guide me on my journey, silenting the ego, and learning how to freely give allowing me to freely receive without any expectations.  When we embrace the notion of unity, we allow discovery as opposed to limitation.

Day 8: How do I resonate harmoniously with the new Golden Octave? (the new harmonious energy on earth)

The 8th day is related to the 8th house in Western Astrology which is the most psychological house there is. My Red Galactic Dragon is asking me to have an agile mind in order to receive light, seeing life from a higher perspective, and to understand that the universe is always backing me up, no matter how hard times get!

What is cool is that Red Dragon is associated with the planet Neptune, and I have Neptune along with Uranus in my 8th house.


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