Day 6 of my Personal Wavespell

I have been in my personal Wavespell of the White Wizard since September 19 and will remain so until October 1. This happens to be my wavespell as I am a White Overtone Mirror which falls into this period.

This is a time of receptivity and enchantment. Seeing true intentions of others, being highly receptive to multidimensional energies, and aligning one’s self with divine will.

Today is the 6th day of my Wavespell which is Rhythmic Blue Storm.

Rhythmic Blue Storm is all about death and rebirth. The death of separation and the birth into ascension. Stepping into the unknown, surrendering the mystery of life, and cleansing of old vibrational energies that do not match up with your new elevated level of consciousness. It can really rev up your nervous systems, enabling Kundalini energy to take hold. As this unfolds, the inner storm starts to form, creating an intense quickening of every feeling. This can be very intense, however, if you surrender and free yourself to the process, the lack of attachment enables the integration of shadow. Being balanced through the ebbs and flows of life, which requires finding magic in the mundane, nobility in all beings, and adventure in every moment, activates our inner sparks, the generators of our being.

The 6th day of the Wavespell corresponds to the 6th house in Astrology which is the call to transformation. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 6th which is the ultimate transformation. Interestingly enough, Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto!

Today’s personal question Day 6: How do I balance the Male and Female energies within myself in order to bring Heaven/Paradise to Earth?

Through surrendering to rebirthing, experiencing death is the only way to integrate both shadow and light.

I love combining Mayan Galactic Astrology with Mayan Astrology!


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