Day 5 of my Personal Wavespell

I have been in my personal Wavespell of the White Wizard since September 19 and will remain so until October 1. This happens to be my Wavespell as I am a White Overtone Mirror which falls into this period.

This is a time of receptivity and enchantment. Seeing true intentions of others, being highly receptive to multidimensional energies, and aligning one’s self with divine will.

Today is day 5 of my wavespell, and today is my personal galactic signature-White Overtone Mirror!


White Overtone Mirror is all about reflecting the truths of the universe. The famous adage ‘As above so below’ ‘As without, so within.’

It’s about cutting resistance and fear out of our lives, by trusting the natural flow of all things. Dieing and being reborn in order to understand the that we are merely spirits contained with the vessels of the human body. Understanding that things come into our life because they are meant to, and things leave because they are meant to leave. Becoming all that I just described is only when we are able to clearly see our own reflections- that being the beauty of the universe as part of the orderly grand design.

Day 5 corresponds to the 5th house in Western Astrology. The 5th house is the house of risk-taking, creativity, romance, love, children, and free spirit! A question to ask myself on this day is What is my core purpose? My central intent? My inner vision?

Interestingly enough it is through the free spiritedness of the 5th house that I can most invoke the essence of the White Overtone Mirror. Being authentic and creative. I have a sneaking suspicion as well that it will be through love, romance, and having children that I will truly awaken to my purpose.

In Astrology, the 11th house is opposite the 5th house. The 11th house is the way we can be our true selves, while the 5th house rules our individuality. Take the 11th house planets and signs to be the varnish that will polish your 5th house energies. It is no surprise that Leo and the Sun are strongly connected to this house………… time!

What is is also interesting is that I am a life path 11, and a soul urge 11. I think all these 11s are trying to get me to loosen up and have fun, in the most truthful way possible!


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