Day 4 of my Personal Wavespell

I have been in my personal Wavespell of the White Wizard since September 19 and will remain so until October 1. This happens to be my Wavespell as I am a White Overtone Mirror which falls into this period.

This is a time of receptivity and enchantment. Seeing true intentions of others, being highly receptive to multidimensional energies, and aligning one’s self with divine will.

Yesterday (Sept. 22) was day 4 of my Wavespell, which is Self-Existing Red Earth, which is all about trusting the process of life, operating through synchronicities, and recognizing universal guidance.

A question I reflected on that day was What form will my spiritual journey take?

My spiritual journey is one of divine timing and synchronicity!

If I look at my 4th house in my natal chart, I have no planets in there, although I do have the sign of Virgo. Virgo in the 4th house means I feel my sense of structure through my home and family, and for the most part, my home life is not as stable as I would like. It also means a strong relationship with my mother, which is ironic, since my mother happens to be a Red Earth as her galactic signature. My lesson here with my Self Existing Earth is to trust the process of instability that arises within the home, which in turn will allow me to trust the process of life!

I love combining Galactic and Western Astrology, the amount of synchronicities is amazing!


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