Libra: Justice of the Peace

Welcome to the season of Libra! Time to harmonize and beautify! Libran energy is all about bridging the  gap between polarities- masculine and feminine, ego and higher self, and you and me. It is very easy during this next month to try to manipulate others to ensure your victory, however, this disobeys the laws of Libra, which includes the understanding that we are all one together. Libran energy is the time to reset and recalibrate before moving into the highly transformative time of Scorpio. Don’t let others dominate you, and don’t push your idealism onto others to the point that the bridge between yourself and others becomes longer, and longer.

It is no surprise that Libra time is when we engage in more beautifying activities, since Venus is the ruler of Libra. Maybe a makeover, creative endeavour, or relationships will take over your focus now. Libran energy loves a mirror- but we can only see our true reflection in others. Harmony and beauty can only come about when we stop projecting, silent the ego, and love one another purely. Take this next month to love yourself, love others, and you will see beauty reflected around you. Remember, Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that has an inanimate object as a symbol- the scales. Bring those scales alive by weighing your needs against the needs of others, when you will truly see who you are and can effectively bring love and peace to every situation. Ask yourself this question Do I often tell people what they want to hear instead of telling them how I’m really feeling?

Being your authentic self without fear of judgement is crucial this month, especially after the nit picky season of Virgo. Be yourself from a place of love!

Whatever house you have Libra in, is the area in your life where you sacrifice yourself and needs for someone else, or where you are afraid to reach out to others. Take the time this month to understand what sharing is truly all about.

For example, I have Libra in my fifth house which means I will only feel fulfilled when I am meeting the needs of my partner, and can only appreciate my creativity when it is recognized by others. This month, I  hope to learn to give to myself more, and to put my own needs on the table. Being balanced means firstly loving yourself and loving others.


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