Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Freeing the Mermaids


Date: Friday September 16, 2016

Time: 8:05pm Universal Time

Moonbeams: The Truth Will Set You Free, Release, Creativity

Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is the second eclipse of September, following the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo that took place on September 1, 2016. The theme of this eclipse is aligning your heart with your mind. Eclipses are karmic times that are meant to shake up your life, and to give it a major makeover. We are in a cycle of closure and completion, as this Eclipse is happening on the south node of the moon which has to do with our past. As well, this Eclipse is happening in the last decan of Pisces, which signifies the end of an era, so it is crucial that you surrender to whatever comes up for you at this time. This is the time to get connected to your emotions. A good way to get connected to your emotions is to unwind, relax, have a bath, listen to some music, watch a film, and just pay attention to how your heart feels- what is naturally coming up for you?

This moon is happening at 24 degrees, which is the number of “working on your purpose.” The energetic shift that is happening for us at this time, is to realign us with our purpose. The last time we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, was September 1997. What significant thing happened to you at the time? Whatever it was, is now coming to a karmic end, because it was a huge learning experience for our soul, and can now start the process of being released in this September 9 month of endings. It won’t be fully released until February, when we have 2 more eclipses when it will complete this cycle of truth that we have been in. Most likely, the truth that has been revealed to you now, will manifest or begin to manifest in February when we have 2 eclipses in Pisces & Virgo once again.

On a personal note, back in September 1997 I entered Kindergarten, where I found it extremely hard to adjust, I was bullied by other kids who didn’t understand me, and it started a 19 year cycle, of feeling misunderstood, which has made me become aware of my old soul, my purpose, and who I am. What is interesting, is that this week leading up to the eclipse, I have had some pretty intense repeating situations and feelings I have had over these 19 years of feeling misunderstood, excluded, and different. I know that this eclipse will allow me to release those feelings, which is why they have come up so strongly during this time. It is very important to pay attention to what you are feeling and dealing with at this time, because they will be intense old memories from the past.

Since this moon is in Pisces, you will want to trust that the feelings you have, the old memories, and the epiphanies are true and real.

There is a T-Square happening with the Sun & Moon to Mars in Sagittarius which is all about moving forward with our missions, which requires us to be true to ourselves, which can only happen if we are able to trust our hearts. If we are to enter into a new era in 2017, we first must be completely true to ourselves. Chances are, this month you may have changed your mind about what it is you want, and this has probably really surprised you! This month, and all year have been about letting go of what no longer serves us, in order to create the clarity we need, in order to see the truth of who we are.

It is time to free the mermaids from the watery subconscious nets that we have created by thinking one thing, and our hearts feeling another. Embrace the watery nature of Pisces by letting emotions enter and leave your being during this lunation, and trust that whatever is being eclipsed in your life right now, is to make the darkness become the light! Swim upwards all you beautiful mermaids!!


Nurture yourself and others

Channel the forward passion of Mars into a creative project….Pisces loves self-expression!


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