Jupiter in Libra + My Jupiter Return

Jupiter moves into Libra on Sept 9, 2016 and stays there until October 10, 2017. When the planet of expansion, positivity, and fortune moves into the sign of harmony, beauty, and creativity, we have a beautiful union that will alchemize curiosity, fair judgement, and romance.

I for one am super excited for this transit as it is my Jupiter Return which is happening in my 5th House of romance and creativity. If I look back to my last Jupiter Return in which I was 11-12, it was my most creative year, when I performed in a lot of theatrical works, and created some really cool school projects. It was the year when I really came of out of my shell. This year, at 23-24, I am looking forward to experiencing the other aspects of my 5th House to do with love. A few different psychics and tarot readings I have had, have also foretold of an upcoming relationship and marriage for me in 2017, so it will be very interesting to see what transpires.

Also, since Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, it is also helpful to look to see where Sagittarius is in your natal chart. For me it happens to be my true north node in my 6th House. A True North Node in Sagittarius is about speaking your truth, teaching what you know, and deciding if your life is one of solitude or will include others? I know personally this is something I have been pondering a lot this year, as I do sense many changes coming to my personal life. Commitment is also another huge area for this placement as a Gemini South Node suggests not being true to oneself and being fearful of commitment in a past lifetime. Also, studying Astrology and all things metaphysics is highly encouraged. I’ve actually been contemplating taking some Babylonian Astrology courses…..if I can find them!

The Temperance Card in the Tarot is linked with the North Node in Sagittarius which I find pretty cool, as I did a reading for myself during the Solar Eclipse on September 1st, asking “What is being transformed in my life?” I pulled the Temperance Card. In many ways, this card is about being true to yourself and trusting your intuition and divine timing. It also calls attention to your thoughts. You are what you think. Ultimately, this card signifies the synthesis of the material world with the spiritual. Whatever spiritual work you have been doing, is about to manifest.

I’ve realized that you don’t have to be alone in order to be on a spiritual path. In fact, one can learn the most about spirituality when you have someone to share your life with. My hope and intention with my Jupiter Return is to follow my heart, release self-doubt, and to share my true authentic self with the world!


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