Lucky Number 7

There are way too many 7s for me today. September 7, on a 7 date (9 month + 7 day= 16= 7), on a 7 universal day (9+7+2+0+1+6= 25= 7), I am in a personal year 7, and a personal 7 month. Basically, this is going to be one hell of an introspective/ascension day. Not to mention our moon is in Scorpio which is going to deepen the awareness, as well our Sun is trining Pluto so a transformation is about to begin. It’s also my first day back at school, which is not helping.


2 thoughts on “Lucky Number 7

    1. 7 isn’t my lucky number, I only decided to call my blogpost that to play on the old saying of “lucky number 7.” Your lucky number is most likely your life path number which is essentially your life purpose number. The more you align with that number, the more positive results you will see. There are many online calculators for you to find your personal numerology.


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