September: Endings & Beginnings Month

Awakening, cutting away, transforming your life!


Triple and Quadruple 9 Code being activated all month long

9 month of the year, 18 universal month that reduces to 9, Sept 1 beginning with a 9 degrees in Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

9= letting go of beliefs, patterns that are not energetically aligned with us

18= means we need rest, relax, go within, dreams super active, nature

1 days of September- new beginning

9- core message, clear out to make room for love and compassion, need to heal, heart is fully lit up now, deep sensitivity

1st eclipse- shifting, universal date- symbolizes the sun, ancient message of paradise on earth, healing in your heart

1 adds to 19 universal day- endings and beginnings, by the end of month you will have transformed, we all came from love

Sept 9- Jupiter moves into Libra-woohoo my Jupiter return!!

Sept 16- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Sept 22- The sun moves into Libra

Sept 22- Fall Equinox

Sept 22- Mercury Goes Direct

Sept 26- Pluto Goes Direct

Sept 27- Mars Enters Capricorn


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