New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Sept 1, 2016: Through the Looking Glass

Our New Moon in Virgo Solar Eclipse is about taking the rose coloured glasses off! The new beginnings that are taking place are the fruits of the Saturn/Neptune Square that we have been dealing with since March 2015. The new information that has been collected will come to head with Mr. Detective Virgo, and will be revealed from old beliefs that have been struck down. The Saturn/Neptune Square is uncomfortable, because who wants to admit to themselves, that their illusions are only illusions? Virgo is a down to earth sign, so if anything, if you have been doing the work all year of releasing, then this new moon eclipse will be affirmation that you have done the right thing. If you have not been doing the work, get ready to say goodbye to your illusions in a grand way. The Saturn/Neptune Square has been teaching us to trust the process of life, and the divine timing of all things. Illusions and suppression of emotions will have to be released.It’s important to note, that Mercury Retrograde is very close to Jupiter, which means that as painful as it will be to say goodbye to your illusions, this placement suggests that these are just minor bumps in the road, and you will be able to ease into your transformation.

This new moon solar eclipse also has a karmic flair to it. This will be lined up with the Virgo North Node/Pisces South Node, so there will be new information leading you to experience something totally brand new coming up. This Eclipse is happening at 9 degrees in Virgo, the number of endings, releasing, and celebration, which is happening in the 9th month of the year, and a 18 universal month which reduces to 9. This triple 9 code is also happening on the 1st of September, 1, being the number of new beginnings….so we are all literally on the cusp of change! Because of this karmic influence, this eclipse energy will exceed its usual 6 months side effects, and go into infinity! Look to see where the moon will be in your natal chart- prepare for a huge life changing transformation in this area of your life for years to come.The future is yours.

Eclipses are doorways ushering in new energy to be embraced. This new moon solar eclipse will be more of a looking glass, where we will finally be able to see who we are and where we are headed. Are you ready to climb through the mirror to experience the world beyond it? The world beyond is your true world, no more distorted images, just a clear reflection of all that you are about to become! Instead of setting intentions during this New Moon, dream big, because as we enter into a new evolutionary cycle, your dreams just may come true!

Consume yellow/orange foods on this day as it will nourish your body with the colour of the sun- bright and light, to minimize the shadow effects of this eclipse

Work with grounding crystals and gems such as hematite, garnet, green moss agate, and other green stones

Exercise or spend time in nature

Create a Gratitude Oracle where you express all of the things you are grateful for from the beginning of the year until now, and from the past 9 years. Make sure to state your gratitude oracle aloud, as the solar eclipse has a lot of masculine energy, which is outward and expressive.



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