August Faves

Luminous Movies

The Secret of Moonacre

This is a fantasy adventure film that basically tells of a whimsical love story between the divine feminine and divine masculine. There’s a moon princess, a mysterious English manor, and moon magic. Case in point, if you love all things associated with the moon, and fantasy films, then The Secret of Moonacre is a must see!

Doctor Strange Trailer

This whole movie is about a spiritual awakening…………enough said.


Lumi Listening

Yeah I know, Hilary Duff? When I was a pre-teen she was all the rage, and contrary to the sour reviews her debut album received, the song Metamorphosis was my anthem when I was like, 10? The lyrics are resonating with me even more now as I am currently experiencing my own transformation. Even if you detest Disney Channel wannabe singers, this song’s lyrics are great for coming out of your cocoon, little butterflies!


Superluminal Fashion

It is a nice change to see metaphysical jewelry becoming more mainstream, especially on the runways. I especially love how designers and fashion influencers are not afraid to speak of gemstone’s magical healing properties. If you wanna flaunt some chunky pieces of rock while making a fashion statement, then gemstones are the perfect choice!

Dennis Bass Pre-Fall 2016

Mr. Basso’s inspiration behind his Pre-Fall 2016 collection were fancy ladies dining under the foggy moonlight glow. Basically, as a luna lover, I need his entire collection which features dusky florals, moon motifs, and would totally fit my Midnight Garden aesthetic this fall:)

Luminary of the Month

This is my favourite intuitive, metaphysical teacher Youtube/blogger in cyberspace. Not only is she a fellow Canadian, but she melds galactic alien speak with spirituality. Her videos have taught me so much, and I find her message truly inspiring. Her information is easy to comprehend and in many ways are life changing. I highly recommend checking out her Youtube channel, I don’t believe there is anyone else out there doing what she is doing.

Lux Item of the Month

Rider-Waite Tarot Cards

I have been studying and dabbling in Tarot since I was a kid, but found myself more actively pursuing others forms of divination such as folksy domestic magic. However, I was recently gifted with my own Rider-Waite Tarot Deck on our Full Moon in Aquarius which was the ultimate gift for me. I rediscovered my love of Tarot, and have reawakened my strong Neptunian Lunar self who loves all things mystical, archetypal, and symbolic!


See you all next time for my September Faves!

Love & Light


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