Virgo Mercury Retrograde: A Work of Art

I instinctively bought a Selenite wand yesterday so I could cleanse my home and aura, without realizing that our Virgo Mercury Retrograde (August 20-September 22) is happening in my 4th House of Family.

Virgo is the second earth sign in Astrology after Taurus, which means that while Taurus would polish a piece of marble, Virgo would carve it into a neoclassical work of art. The point being, look to see which house your Mercury is transiting until September 22 when he goes direct again. This is the area in your life where details needs to be refined, and negativity needs to be refurbished.

I highly recommend wearing an Emerald ring on your pinky finger, which is known as the Mercury finger in Palmistry. This will help to facilitate communication during this period.


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