A Persoal Tarot Contemplation

So far this year 2 psychics have told me that someone will be coming into my life next year and I will be moving out of my family home, and will be getting married. This is crazy to me as I have never been in a serious relationship before, and have never envisioned myself getting married. I have been studying tarot for a long time, and was recently gifted with my own Rider-Waite deck. I pulled some cards asking Who am I? Who is this man coming into my life? And what will the outcome of our union be? The cards I pulled gave me some serious goosebumps as they mirror what psychics have told me, they mirror what my various cosmic profiles have foretold, and what my intuition has been telling me all along.

Who am I?

4 of Wands

The Astrological association of this card is someone with a Venus in Aries, which I have!

This can also describes someone who is creative, loves beauty and harmony, has strong values, and loves stability. Very much me:) And can also indicate purchasing a home…….

Who is this man coming into my life?


This card was tricky to interpret in describing a person. I did some thorough research and here is what I discovered.

From what I have researched, it can indicate a karmic relationship, and a soul mate. It can also indicate someone who has gone through some kind of awakening, and can help to facilitate my spiritual growth. The Judgement card also describes someone who works in the field of law or ethics, has a good judge of character, and has strong Plutonian aspects in their natal chart, he could potentially be a Scorpio. Very interesting, as I am studying law…..

What will the outcome of our union be?

10 of Pentacles

Financial success, material wealth, stability, long-term relationship, ever lasting love, friendship, and loyalty.



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