Nemoralia: A Festival for our August Full Moon & Diana

The festival of Nemoralia aka Festival of Torches was a Roman festival celebrated during the August full moon to honour the goddess Diana. Worshippers would light torches and form a procession around Lake Nemi to give thanks for food, nature, its creatures, and the sun and moon, all of which Diana presided over.

Diana was the goddess of the moon, fertility, children, motherhood, water, forest, and animals, magic, and the hunt. She embodies independence, self-reliance, intuition, and all maternal aspects.

Unleash your own inner Diana moon goddess, by being untamable, which means owning your individuality, your femininity, your sensuality, and your sensitivity. Use your intuition during this full moon in Aquarius to stir up your own magic by being free and feminine! Don’t go hunting around for your freedom……it’s already within you.

Check out my Aquarius Full Moon post to discover how to tap into your own inner Diana



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