Full Moon in Aquarius: A Bohemian Bird

LONDON: August 18, 10.26am

MONTREAL/NEW YORK: August 18, 5.26am

Moonbeams: Releasing negative thinking patterns, negative feelings- guilt, fear, jealousy, disappointment and embracing change and progress!

Aquarius is an air sign- dreamy, innovative, and creative, so you will want to share your unique self with the world and others during this full moon.  Paired up with our Leo sun, this whole lunation is about fully embodying our unique selves. This is also a partial eclipse, and eclipses exist to shake things up in your life, where you have been led astray.

Think back to your new moon intentions. Were they unique to you, or were you simply basing those intentions on what would make you feel comfortable and ordinary?

Allow your unique self to shine, and pay attention to any flashes of inspiration that download during these next few days, they will be little cosmic pushes to setting you free from your little illusory gilded cages.

The sun will be 25 degrees in Leo, the moon will be 25 degrees in Aquarius.  The sign Leo is linked to Egypt,  and more specifically the Giza pyramids, which were a stargate linking humanity to its cosmic consciousness, while Aquarius is linked with the Age of Aquarius- the awakening of humanity, to that very cosmic consciousness. The primary question during this lunation, is are you following your path?

Aquarius is represented as the water bearer- water being the divine feminine. The flow of water cannot be blocked, and more metaphorically speaking- the flow of energy within us cannot be blocked if we expect to wake up and understand if we are on our path. Our mind (Aquarius) and heart (Leo) must be in synchronicity in order for us to see those cosmic flashes of inspiration. What you desire, no matter how whacky you think it might be, is what your higher self desires. Now is not the time to gather with the flock, fly away on your own path.

Aquarius is the sign of La Vie Boheme, so shake your paisley tail feathers, sing your peace and love birdsong, and fly in your own sky of diamonds and amethyst clouds! Fly like a bird live your now age!


Look to see where Aquarius or Uranus/Saturn falls in your natal chart and the degree. If you have Aquarius in a late degree, note which house it is in, which is where you need to break free!

Work with Tarot, Astrology, other divinatory systems as this is a highly intuitive time

Work with Amethyst and Lavender to increase your intuition

Use your intuition to find your passions, that is your first step of enlightenment.

Share your unique visions with your loved ones.

Try connecting with like minded people, and share your gifts!

If there is something you want to get going, start planning!

*I have Aquarius at 25 degrees in Saturn in my 9th house and I have already had some amazing connections with some like minded people, who have in turn helped me to embrace my weird unconventional life!


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