I did a personal reading for myself last night using Michelle Buchanan’s numerology guidance cards. The card I pulled is number 85- Follow Your Dreams. This card is literally what it means……but I intuited that I need to trust the divine timing and flow of life. For the past few months, I have been sensing a feeling of intense change coming my way. I don’t like fixating on the future, but when you have a strong feeling that things are going to change for the better, it is very hard to ignore those feelings.

I am in a personal year 7 which is the year of self-reflection, which is happening through an essence number of 11, the illumination number. I feel that I have gone to places I haven’t gone before with my spiritual self, which has forced me to work on self-love. I am grateful for the lunar cycles this year which have facilitated my growth in uncovering what it is that I want in my life. I like to think of our higher selves as magnets, attracting what it needs to get our “lower selves” to wake up!

The number 85 of this card is two-fold. In numerology, when there is a two digit number, the first number acts through the second number. So for 85, 8 the number of manifestation, will manifest my dreams, which are really my subconscious needs through the vibration of 5. The number 5 has been holding some pretty significant meanings for me lately, from a more cosmic perspective. My fifth house is also going to be lit up for the next year as well, so I can definitely see how my dreams will come to fruition.

The blue card is emphasizing my spirituality, along with the orangey pink star which are the creativity and love colours.

My horoscopes for this week have a recurring theme of transition. I am on a journey, and the only way to safely make it to my destination is to act from a place of centredness. Following my dreams means trusting the natural unfolding of events in my life, and to observe them from a neutral place.

And so it is.


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