A Little Lilith Rant

Just found out where all my Lilith’s are in my natal chart, and I cannot identify with my Black Moon in Lilith in Cancer description at all. Contrary to what this placement is supposed to be all about,  I actually had a wonderful childhood, and amazing relationship with my mother, and am not emotionally manipulative. I’m not happy with the interpretations I’ve read about my Dark Moon Lilith in Cancer, they do not describe me at all. This is supposed to be an extremely dark placement, and so far, I’ve had light, love, and support in my life. Also, there are not enough astrologers who use Lilith in their astrological analyses, which would be helpful.

Dark Moon Lilith also represents where we as women, harness our divine feminine power. From this angle, I can see how I embody my Dark Moon Cancer…….my intuition, my love for home and hearth, and the childlike innocence that is my magic.

There is a lot more research that needs to be done about Lilith, but if anyone has any thoughts on this, please share:)


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