New Moon August 2, 2016- Queen of the Jungle



Our New Moon on August 2, occurs at 10 degrees in Leo, 10:27am universal time. This lunation is all about creative empowerment! Leo is the sign of courage and creativity. Now is the time for planting the seeds for our intentions, it is important to note where the the new moon will be transiting and where in your natal chart you have 10 degrees in Leo and base your intentions around that. Leo rules the 5th house of dating, romance, children, and creativity, so it may also be helpful to base your intentions on those things as well. For instance, I have Leo in 10 degrees in my 3rd house of communications, but the new moon will be transiting my second house of possessions (both tangible and intangible), while overall Leo astrologically rules the 5th house of romance, children, and creativity. My focus during this new moon will be communicating my feelings regarding romance.
This will be one of the first new moons this year that is asking us to have fun, and begin creating. Creativity does not have to involve paint, paper, or craft supplies, anything that has to do with creation applies. You may want to create a new conversation about a new topic, you may want to create a better understanding of something, or maybe you want to create a new version of yourself? Creation can be both a fun and scary time, so set your intentions around something you would like to have more courage in. For example, maybe you want to create a new path to acceptance of something, state your intention like “I now invoke the courage in creating a new portal of acceptance of myself…or whatever it is you may want to accept or create. During our New Moon, mars will be moving out of the transformative sign of Scorpio into the uplifting, forward seeking sign of Sagittarius! As well, 6 planets will be in the fire signs, so This will imbue you naturally with a sense of positivity for your intentions. This will really help to channel the fearlessness of the lion. Since Leo does rule over the heart chakra, try to have an open heart during this invocation, and truly love your intentions! August is also a 17 universal month which adds up to the number 8 ontop of it already being the 8th month of 2016, so manifestation is highly favourable!

Questions to ask yourself
How can I have more fun?
Where do I want to experience something new in my life? If I am scared, how can I be courageous?

Things to keep in mind
 Trust the divine timing of all things in your life
Speak from the heart

Up to this point in 2016, our lives have felt like the depths of the jungle. Dark, untameable, out of sorts, but at the same time, moist with variety and potential. Become your own king or queen of your jungle and have the big old heart of the lion attitude that will usher in some amazing creative power!

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