July Faves

Luminous Movies



If you love films with twists, turns, and scratching your head, while you twist and turn some more, then this is the film for you. Set during a dinner party, a rare astrological event creates a mind bending reality. Comets and quantum physics are not what these dinner guests had on their menus. This is an independent film that I thoroughly enjoyed. Definitely a must see for metaphysical enthusiasts!


Babylon AD

This is a science fiction film set in the near future that is basically about the attempt to create a new religion, with a Virgin Mary being raised, for slaughter? Vin Diesel plays a mercenary whose only job is to escort a young woman from Mongolia to NYC to…………well, if you want to find out what happens, be sure to check out Babylon AD. If you know anything about Babylon or Christianity, then you’ll get the gist of this premise.

Lumi Listening

I recently discovered Laura Viers who actually sings a song called ‘Galaxies’ during the closing credits of Coherence. I basically love any music that is metaphysically related, so I have had this song on repeat on my ipod during July. Also worth checking out is her other song July Flame, which invokes fireflies in the night-time summer garden vibe to it. As someone who is not really into the whole neo-folksy genre, there is something wildly easy to it, and is the perfect summer record.

Sledgehammer by Rihanna is what I wish all our little friends in the universe could be like. A fierce alien warrior goddess who lives on a pastel planet, who is made of glitter, and can turn into weird quartz crystal holographic looking things, while singing she wish she could be a sledgehammer? Basically, I would like this video to be the trailer for my blog……….even if you’re not a fan of Rihanna, who can go wrong with an orange silk dress alien queen?

Superluminal Fashion


Roberto Cavalli is known for his rock n roll aesthetic, but his Fall 2016 collection is designed for a rich witch. This collection is serpentine, mythological, esoteric, and cultish. I have a big post coming up on this, but needless to say, this collection is my muse for Fall 2016.


Chelsea Flower Crowns are handmade crowns for any mystical occasion. I am seriously considering purchasing one for my monthly lunar invocations. Every crown chakra needs jewelry….who needs Tiffany’s anyways? Check out her instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/chelseasflowercrowns/

Luminary of the Month


I recently discovered Lindsay Mack who is a tarot reader based in NYC. She offer the most scrumptious weekly tarot readings, in which you really get the sense that she is channeling her beautiful words from spirit. She is one of the most eloquent tarot readers I have ever seen, and is concise and unique in her interpretations. You can find her on Youtube and her website.

Luminous Places of the Month


The Alchymist Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic is at the top of my list of places I need to visit before I die. I have to admit, that I am a little biased, as I have a soft spot for anything central European, due to my Croatian heritage, but this place truly deserves some love. This hotel was once a 16th Century court for Rudolf II and his alchemists, so you can only imagine how much magic is ingrained in the walls of this place. I have more on this coming up in a blog post, but there is also a little cafe inside called The Aquarius Room. Can I move in?



Obonjan Croatia- The Metaphysical Hub of Europe?

To keep this short and sweet, this beautiful Croatian island has become quite the mystical getaway for new agers. I have more on this coming up in a blog post as well, but as a Croatian, born and living in Canada, I have since been finding it extremely ironic, that the tiny country of Croatia in itself has popped up on the spiritual radar. If only I was living in my motherland…….

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I hope to do a monthly faves every month, as there is nothing I enjoy more than researching new luminessent people, places, and things! Enjoy!


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