Uranus Retrograde July 29, 2016: Rebel With A Cause


Uranus goes retrograde on July 29, 2016 at 24 degrees in Aries until December 29, 2016. Uranus is the planet of awakening, upheaval, change, restlessness, and rebellions. When he joins forces with Aries, the sign of action and impulse, expect the unexpected. This placement is all about wanting change! Perhaps you have been craving a change in your life? Well before Uranus goes direct, it is vital to take this energy inwards first, where you will be able to assess what it is you truly want to change, and Uranus will surely make this apparent to you in loud abrupt ways.

Uranus is the rule-breaker of the cosmos, he wears his leather jacket, rides his motorcycle, and disregards the law, he hates rules. We all have created rules for ourselves whether we want to admit it or not. Maybe you have denied yourself something as a way to avoid vulnerability?  Maybe you have given yourself unrealistic ideas of what is right and wrong for you? Whatever it may be that you are rejecting, now is the time to accept it with open arms. Rules keep things away, and when there are no rules, you have no choice but to face them head on. If you find during these next few months, that everything in your life is making you make a change, then chances are, you need to let go of something that is no longer serving you.

This is not the time to go and make big changes, this is the time to start with baby steps. Maybe it’s a simple as an admission to yourself, or finally accepting something that you have been denying yourself? Typically what we reject, is deep down something we are longing for. We are only afraid, that once we have it, we may lose it, or it doesn’t live up to our ideals.

Uranus retrograde offers us a marvelous opportunity to become our own rebels…..and no, we don’t need to become James Dean wielding his leather jacket toughness, all we need to do is to be less strict with ourselves, because ultimately the enemy of rules is change.

*On a personal note, I have been feeling this energy quite intensely, where I have been finally able to admit to myself and loved ones something that I thought and they thought I never wanted.


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