A Funeral for The Guild of Purple Ash Quartz

BeFunky Collage

Today marks the end of this blog The Guild of Purple Ash Quartz which I started on March 6, 2016 on tumblr, and more recently here on WordPress. However, it will be reincarnating to………

obscura (1).jpg

Yes, I am rebranding this blog to ‘The Luminessence’.I have been toying with the idea of renaming The Guild of Purple Ash Quartz for quite some time. I found the name was far too wordy and wanted a name that was reflective of my current spiritual journey.

I have had innumerable synchronicities to do with light lately. My Akashic Record Reader told me I am a lightworker, my astrology tells me I should study the sun’s rays,my numerology profile is full of 11s, my galactic tribe is the White Mirror Tribe (more on this later) and I have always been fascinated with light- from both the sun, moon, and stars. My new name ‘The Luminessence’ is a play on the other Luminescence which means to produce light. My new blog name means the ‘essence of light’, which I hope it will be.

Yesterday while I was sitting amongst my flowers, I was contemplating making the change. When I was on my way back inside, a beautiful white feather fell from the sky right in front of me. I took this as a sign from my guides, to move forward with my intentions.

The content of my wordpress and tumblr blog will not change, but I will definitely be discussing the symbology of light more often.

“Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes around in a different form”- Rumi

So turn on your mystical lights, and join me in celebrating my new incarnation


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