Leo: Your Inner Lioness Highness

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Roaring times ahead! Now that we have officially left the internal, mothering sign of the zodiac, our focus is now shifting away from family back to ourselves! The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, which rules our emotions, so there was a much deeper focus on our feelings and subconscious. On the other side, the sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, which is all about our conscious mind, personality, ego, and purpose. The sun is also present energy, unlike the moon which was pulling us back to the past to resolve abandoned feelings. Now the focus is on the here and now, you won’t be projecting into the future, and you won’t feel a longing for the past. Think of the lion, he does not contemplate, he just instinctively pounces and acts, but if acts too intensely and fails, will take his failure very hardly. The sign of Leo is not all about partying and have a good time. In fact, Leonine energy is some of the most self-critical energy. This self-critical energy, also offers us, incredible self-awareness. There is no need to look for the proverbial royal throne, your real throne is within you, that unique heavenly individuality that is waiting for you to acknowledge it, without the need for outside recognition. Remember all you little lions, the quietest roar has the biggest impact. So for this next month, embrace your inner lioness highness by being yourself, and only then will you truly know what celebration is all about!


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