Full Moon in Capricorn July 19: Chit-Chat

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 19, 2016
Our Full Moon in Capricorn lights up the sky on Tuesday July 19, 2016, 6:57pm Eastern Time, and 3:57pm Pacific Time. The main message of this lunation is acknowledging the barriers that are blocking you from living your divine purpose, and having this important conversation with others. We still have our sun in Cancer, which means both our sun and moon will be in feminine signs, connecting us to our intuition and internal mother. Go easy on yourself during this moon, don’t be hard on yourself, even though our Capricornian energy will try to encourage this behaviour.
So far in 2016, we have spent alot of time and energy digging deep within ourselves to uncover what it is we truly want in our lives, what we are passionate about? Your passions are ultimately your divine purpose.
The energy of our 2016 lunations have been introspective and hidden from others. Yes, we will have discovered what it is that makes us passionate, but this full moon is about grounding those passions in practical reality.Our moon will be in 27 degrees in Capricorn which is the divine prompting number!  One of the first steps to doing this, is vocalizing your passions, and then having the courage to look at and vocalize the inhibitors.
Uranus will be making a T-Square which is all about breaking old patterns, making new discoveries, and change! Uranus loves its freedom, which is connected to the theme of breaking down walls!
Since the month of July is ruled by Cancer, this month you will have noticed that there has been a larger focus on family and home life. Now, it is your time to have that heartfelt conversation about your passions and barriers. Everyone’s barriers are directly linked to wanting to please others. Maybe you don’t feel ready to pursue your passions because you seek approval from others? Maybe you’re worried they won’t accept your decision? By having this important conversation, you will realize that the external barriers that you convinced yourself of, have really been your own internal walls that have been built up, out of an irrational external fear of disapproval.
Venus and Mercury will both be in Leo, so now is the time to speak confidently and joyfully about your needs. When you don’t acknowledge your needs, you give your power away freely. The universe is now asking you to take back your power by being true to yourself which is all about self-recognition. Yes, I want this, and here is how I have been blocking it.
Take time during this Full Moon to have that chit-chat with someone who you seek approval from, and take notice of the bits and pieces of your internal and external walls crumbling down.
Uranus is restless energy, so spend time exercising, dancing, and moving.
Ask yourself where you want more freedom? Where do you feel stifled in your life?
Ask the universe to assist you in breaking down those barriers.
Remember, just as you may be nervous to communicate your desires and fears with others, understand that they are feeling nervous about expressing themselves as well. Once one person initiates the breakthrough, usually the walls between you and others gets torn down as well!
Check out my July energetic forecast ‘Starspeak’ which is all about the cosmic convos we need to have this month.
*As a side note, I have already been feeling this energy quite intensely. There is something I really want to experience in my life that I have yet to experience, which I am afraid to communicate to my loved ones out of fear of disapproval. I am really looking forward to having that heart to heart convo with them in the coming days:)

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