July Colour Astrology: Coral Blush

coral blush




The colour for the month of July is Coral Blush. Gentle and soothing, Coral Blush inspires love and receptivity. The moon rules the skies during the month of July, and just as the moon goes through its phases and cycles, so do we. The silver in this colour signifies the value of change, reflection, and receptivity, and the pink represents love and tenderness. Together we have a colour that can be used in times of change or transition and as an aid for emotional healing.

Coral Blush aligns with the divine feminine energy and increases receptivity. It helps attract love and sweetness into your life. This colour can help you to receive love and care from others and can be useful when moving through family traumas. Coral Blush can help you adjust to changes and carry you peacefully through the cycles of life. This colour promotes a sense of innocence…… the innocence of wonder and humility.

Work with Coral Blush to open your heart and spirit during this moon-beaming month of July.

*Research partially borrowed from Michelle Bernhardt


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