7-7-7 Mystical Morphosis


Today we have a rare 7-7-7 alchemical code being activated, on the seventh day, of our 7th month, of a 16 year which reduces to the number 7!

The number 7 on its own vibrates to the collective consciousness, mysticism, spiritual awakening, manifestation and perfection, just to name a few.

3 7’s take the vibration of the single 7 and magnifies it, creating a powerful formula for transformation!

This is a day that the universe is encouraging you to act, breathe, and think from your higher self. This is a day to be reminded that your wishes are coming true, and you are at one with your divine purpose, or at least you will be vibrating at your highest potential.

Today is a great day to research all that is esoteric, arcane, and spiritual, as this will help your inner spirit evolve on its journey.

YOU are exactly where you are meant to be, and this day is a reminder to be the best you can be!

Today, do what you love, with who you love, and don’t doubt yourself for one second!

If you need help, today is the day to ask for it, the universe supports you!

You are loved and protected, know that everything is fine!

2016 has been a year of many endings, but 777 is the beginning of something new, the new you!

From this point on in 2016, be prepared to experience beautiful miracles, and wonders! Embrace your mystical morphosis, Spread your wings little butterflies!


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