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After the crazy traffic jam in the cosmos we experienced last month, July is going to be a more restful period, although not without its own homework for us to do. This month is all about communication. Communicating what’s on our mind, communicating with our heart, communicating with others….which includes actively listening with our entire being. In June we had many planets go into retrograde, we had grand crosses, a summer solstice, portals opening, and a whole lot of inner work.

In June, the overall theme was love, however, June did not favour communication as we were too busy processing our introspective insights.Love is the ultimate creative energy, so don’t be shy to express yourself creatively this month. Think big, and put your ideas out into the world. Also, don’t be afraid to speak your mind….and no, not in the inconsiderate way, but speaking from a place of emotion, that demonstrates the wisdom you acquired during our hectic June and emotional 2016.

And finally, don’t be surprised if you experience many more synchronicites this month, as that is the universe’s way of communicating to YOU. The message from our universe during  July is knowing that you are in the right place, right now.

The ultimate communication this month, is the conversation you will have with the stars. Let them know what’s on your mind, and be open to receiving its blessings. After all, we have all been doing the work, and it’s up to the universe to communicate its gratitude to YOU for your patience and perseverance.

Happy July!




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