New Moon July 4: Home is Where the Heart Is

Our New Moon is happening on Monday July 4, 2016 12:02pm universal time. Our moon will be 13 degrees in the sign of Cancer, which is a very spiritual code, along with the sun, venus, and mercury, making this new moon a stellium in Cancer. As well, we will have a total of 7 planets in the water signs, making this new moon a very sensitive and emotional one.

There are no planets in the air signs, which governs our mind and thoughts. This lunar energy is all about connecting to your heart.

There has been a recurring theme of love during our 2016 lunar cycles. The beginning of the year was about figuring out what we wanted, then it became about what no longer serves us, and for the past 2 or 3 months, our moons have been all about self-love, through rediscovering your inner truth and purpose. Love is the highest vibration, and that means when you let it in, something has to come out. That is why there have been so many tears, and intense emotions so far this year. We are releasing all of the old thoughts and feelings that are impeding our progress.

Since the sign of Cancer is experiencing a stellium with this new moon, we may notice ourselves dwelling on the past, and feeling emotions associated with past wounds. Yes, we do have Chiron in retrograde right now, which is about healing those wounds, but this new moon is offering the perfect moment for reassessment. If you find yourself filled with nostalgia, which does not have to mean a longing for the past, but just a conscious emphasis on past memories, stop and ask yourself if your emotions are what are keeping you in the past?

If you have been working on yourself and aligning yourself to the lunar vibrations this year, or even last month or the month before, you will have discovered what it is that you truly want in your life, and what is no longer serving you. That it very mind heavy energy to work with, so it is possible that your mind and heart are not aligned. If you have been feeling the emotions associated with your dreams then chances are, your mind and heart are becoming aligned with each other.

We have Pluto that is opposing the sun and moon, which is going to create a power struggle within you, only if you allow it! You may resent what has caused you pain in the past, and may question if your intentions are realistic or possible. Our New Moon in Cancer is telling you to LET Go! Since this is a heart centred watery moon, if you find yourself angry at the past, go with the flow, but don’t sit in those emotions,  state your heartfelt intention to yourself. For example, maybe a past relationship has caused you great pain, if you find yourself reminded of this, tell yourself “I love myself, and deserve a relationship free from pain.”

Don’t allow this plutonian struggle to control you. You have done the work to discover your dreams and purpose. During these next 5 months, when opportunities present themselves to you, and they will,  say YES! Don’t doubt what comes in your life, the universe has done alot of work behind the scenes to make it happen! Focus on self-love, if you find yourself drifting to the past, view it from a place of love. During our new moon and most importantly for these next 5 months, continue to be the embodiment of love and it will lead you back to where it all began, your heart,  which is the home of your divine essence. And so it is.


Work with emerald, it is a heart opening crystal

Trust your intuition

Set intentions that are not materialistic in nature, set intentions on how you want to feel!

This is our 7th new moon of 2016 and there is a combined total of 14 new moon and full moons left thus year, consider this time the halfway point. Don’t give up on yourself and aspirations, you’re almost there!


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