Mars Goes Direct! All is Fair in Love and War

Finally, Mars has gone direct at 23 degrees in Scorpio after being retrograde since April 17 2016. The planet of fire and energy had forced us to go within to  figure out what it is that we wanted in life, so we could then devote our full attention to it. It may be a person, feeling, situation, or dream that you have been neglected. Now that our retrograde is finally over, you will have much more clarity on how to go after whatever it is that you decided on.

Since we have Neptune in retrograde motion until November, it is best to let your intuition guide you during this next while. Don’t rush into anything, pace yourself. With Chiron being retrograde you will be more inclined to take action regarding your wounds, essentially healing will more effective.

Mars in Scorpio means that anything is possible, and that your choices are endless! Mars in Scorpio is all about living life to the fullest, which means accepting challenges head on and never compromising. Losing the battle is not an option for this energy, a relentless need to accomplish your goals will be present.

Your inner fire is beginning to burn once again, and with Mars in Scorpio, your flames will be fed with both focus and progress.


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