Cancer: The Jasmine Crustacean

We have now entered the astrological sign of Cancer.  Cancer is the first water sign in the zodiac and represents the divine feminine, womb, motherhood, and the birth of all things. Cancers are known to be extremely  sensitive and often retreat within themselves where they feel the most safe, hence the protective crab shell. This sign is also ruled by the moon, hence the moody disposition that we all may feel during this next month. We may feel resistant to change and avoid confrontation. However, we will also feel a strong connection to the past, and may come across antiques, photos, or souvenirs that infuse us with a sense of nostalgia or past life recall. Jasmine is the scent of Cancer, where it’s perfume can lead us to faraway exotic places. Jasmine is an intuitive scent that encourages astral travel, prophetic dreams, and psychic protection. Quite literally, you might be inclined to travel, however, spiritually you may discover your own exotic land within you, which our Neptune Retrograde will help to facilitate. Cancer energy rests upon the threshold of our reality and those beyond it. Since Cancerian energy is the birthing energy, don’t be surprised if you experience your own rebirth during this period. Creativity and independence will be heightened, along with your intuition. It’s important for us all to retreat into our shells when we feel energetically overwhelmed; But, when the scent of Jasmine fills the air, know that it is a sign that your retreat is over, and the new you is ready to be revealed, as the silvery white light of the moon, casting your glow upon both the surreal and charmed worlds.


3 thoughts on “Cancer: The Jasmine Crustacean

  1. I can connect with this post. I actually just found out about Astral traveling today and it’s really close discription to how im flowing. Thanks for this post, I’m looking foward to the scent of Jasmine. 😊


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