Full Moon June 20: The Enchanted Rose

An enchantress, disguised as an old beggar, offers a rose to a young prince, in exchange for shelter in his castle from the cold, but the prince refuses. For his arrogance, the enchantress transforms him into a beast and places a spell on the castle. She gives him a magic mirror that enables him to view faraway events, along with the enchanted rose that she had offered. To break the spell, the prince must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the rose’s last petal falls on his 21st birthday. If he fails, he will remain a beast forever.

Like the story Beauty and the Beast, during this Full Moon, will we each be offered an enchanted rose. This is a Blue Moon as our last Full Moon was also in Sagittarius, and it is also known as the Rose Moon. Our New Moon in Gemini from a couple of weeks ago was all about self-love and love towards others, in order to raise our vibration. Have you been acting from a place of love? Have you been breathing from your heart? Our Sagittarian idealism that was cloaked with love for these past couple of weeks, will have to now mesh with our mind. If you refuse to acknowledge your dreams during this Full Moon, you may feel anxious, unsettled, or angry. Your New Moon intentions from a couple of weeks ago were extremely powerful. If you cast them with love, and if you deny them now, there will be great tension between your inner beauty and beast.

This Full Moon is happening at 29 degrees which is a magical and critical degree in astrology. Interestingly enough, this degree corresponds to the galactic rotation of our milky way, signifying a portal or stargate that will be activated. There is a major soul evolution happening, a huge turning point. Your consciousness will be expanding, defying timelines in order to foresee where you need to go to be vibrating at the frequency of love, at all times. When the portal closes, remember  “You always return to where your heart is.”

If you have been acting and feeling from love, which means acknowledging your dreams, which are ultimately your purpose, know that the power of your beliefs creates your reality. Imagine what your life would be like if everything operated from a place of love? Your dreams would come true.

Less than 1 hour later our Full Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn which is the serious, straightforward, inflexible sign. More than ever before, your vibration will begin to align with your purpose, after returning from the portal.

Before the last rose petal falls, remember to be honest with yourself, love yourself, and trust that this magical portal being activated will expand your consciousness, allowing you to see the beauty in your life and where you need to go in order to feel, breathe, think, and be LOVE.

As a side note, the Summer Solstice is happening that same day, which means another portal will be activated…….more on that later.


Ground your energy- walk barefoot through the grass, wear Garnet or Tourmaline

“Love doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be true”

Cast your new moon intentions once again, and feel the emotions associated with those intentions.enchanted_rose_by_danielkendi-d93837u


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