Neptune Retrograde: Deep Soul Diving

Neptune goes retrograde today June 13 2016 until November 19, 2016. Be ready for some deep sea diving into your soul. Neptune is the planet of spirituality,dreams, psychic sensitivities, intuition, and metaphysics. When he goes retrograde, it becomes very difficult to ignore the truth. Neptune retrograde will begin at 12 degrees in Pisces (Neptune is the planetary governor of this sign). The number 12 is considered the “old soul” number and represents the completion of one cycle and the rebirth into higher consciousness. Neptune can create big changes in your life, such as being able to see things for what they truly are. Maybe you have been lying to yourself about your relationship or career. Well, Neptune retrograde will give you the clarity to see what is real and what is fantasy.

During these next 5 months, there will be major changes happening on your path to your destiny. You will be intuitively guided to make choices that will align with your purpose and for the next 9 years that will begin in 2017 and be completed 2025.

Neptune is represented by the trident, representing mind, body and spirit. You will get hunches, sense good and bad vibes, have prophetic dreams, experience more synchronicities, and have a greater interest in the occult and metaphysics, than you normally would.

The ultimate goal of Neptune retrograde is for us to remember our dreams and to make them come true, which we all have most likely forgotten during this hectic 2016, where we first have had to let go and purge alot of our old emotional baggage. Neptune is symbolically linked with water, so it may stir deep emotions within you. It won’t be a purging type of energy, but you may discover that you feel very passionately about something that you have yet to experience. Perhaps you will discover that you really want to pursue your dream job? Maybe you really want to travel? Whatever that feeling is, know that it is Neptune’s magic getting to work.

Are you ready for some deep soul diving? Your buried treasure is about to be discovered, your riches await you.


If you have a prominent Pisces in your natal chart (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) you will feel this Neptunian energy very strongly.

Wear Aquamarine- it is the stone of the sea, and will give you the clarity to interpret the watery energy of Pisces and Neptune.

Use Oracle Decks……Neptune loves all occult related things, and will be communicating through them.

Everything will have meaning during these next 5 months, don’t ignore your intuition!!


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