Amber: The Fountain of Youth

True story…….I once knew a woman named Marie, who was 106 years old and is now 107….still alive and kicking! I remember asking her, “What’s the secret to your longevity?” She gave me a mischevious grin, and said “The secret is in my jewelry.” I looked at her at confused and suspicious. I did notice that everytime I saw her, she was wearing this gaudy coppery coloured jewlery, and I mean alot of it. She had thick beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings… was amazing she didn’t collapse from the weight of it all! She told me that it was Amber.

Marie was Belgian, and was in a work camp in Germany during World War Two. She met her Polish husband in this camp, and once the war was over, they both moved back to Poland, in a small village along the Baltic Sea.

Marie told me that Amber is found all along the beaches of the Baltic Sea, and locals scavenge the area, collecting bits and pieces that wash ashore. Amber is actually not a stone, crystal, or mineral, but fossilized tree sap. Baltic folk traditions view Amber has containing the universal life force, and rays of the sun. Amber allows the body to heal itself, in miraculous ways.

Throughout history Amber has been used an an antiseptic, penicillin like medicine, and a cure for all diseases. In fact, Amber smoke was used to fumigate homes and villages during the great plagues of Europe. In areas where Amber smoke was used, no one perished. Today Amber smoke is more commonly known as Frankincense. Amber is also used to instill happiness, creativity, warmth, and beauty for the wearer.

Marie told me that everyone in her husband’s village wore Amber jewelry for centuries, and interestingly enough, those who wore Amber, lived to be well into their 90s. Of course it may be unwise to suggest Amber is solely responsible, but Amber is often used to fossilize insects………perhaps its fossilization works on humans as well?

I have some Amber jewelry, and I often wear it during the Fall and Winter to strengthen my immune system, and I can honestly say, I have avoided being sick, while others around me were. If you often feel cold, I suggest wearing Amber to warm you up…….believe it or not, it does! As well, I’ve noticed everytime I wear it, people tell me I am glowing………..which I owe to its solar energies!

I have been doing a lot of research on Amber, and there is far more information out there than what I have discussed in this post. But there is something magical about the Baltic Sea. I believe, it just may be the mythical fountain of youth. It would at least explain why the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Romans, and Greeks all recognized Amber for its brilliant radiance… pun intended:)

As for Marie, she should bottle up her Amber and sell it as a magical immortality elixir, but…………..why don’t we just keep the secret between YOU and me!


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