Alexandrite: The Mercury Stone

“Look, here it is, the prophetic Russian stone! O crafty Siberian. It was always green as hope and only toward evening was it suffused with blood. It was that way from the beginning of the world, but it concealed itself for a long time, lay hidden in the earth, and permitted itself to be found only on the day when Tsar Alexander was declared of age, when a great sorcerer had come to Siberia to find the stone, a magician.”   -Leskov Nikolai Semyonovich. Alexandrite.1884

Alexandrite may only be 150 years old, but this mystical stone should not be dismissed for its fairly young age.

Alexandrite was discovered in the Emerald mines of the Ural Mountains, on the day Czar Alexander came of age. 19th Century mystics have long revered Alexandrite as a highly magical stone.

Alexandrite is believed to connect the physical and astral planes together and to enable one’s destiny. This explains why every Royal crown contains Alexandrite. This stone also aids all 7 chakras (pretty rare), has the ability to repair tissue and regenerate cells. Alexandrite also attracts money, love, and luck to its possessors. Speaking with Alexandrite is thought to mystically enhance one’s words……which once again explains the royal connection and why it is also known as the Mercury Stone.

Alexandrite is also associated with the month of June and the planet Mercury. Alexandrite can appear to be either Emerald green or Ruby red depending on the lighting, which speaks to the duality of Gemini. In Occult literature, Mercury is also known as the Magician and trickster. Alexandrite has such strong spiritual vibrations, that its wearers are thought to experience magical “unexplainable” moments.

Alexandrite is also believed to contain the soul of the Czar, enabling one to become their own King or Queen. You too can be royalty…..for a hefty price. The purest Alexandrite is one of the most expensive gems to purchase, rivaling Diamonds.

If you can get your hands on some Alexandrite to wear this June, please do so, and experience its crowning glory!


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