New Moon in Gemini: Love Potion No.9


Our new moon in Gemini will take effect 7:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday June 4th. Venus will be conjunct with the Sun and Moon creating a huge theme of love and authenticity! You will feel more loving towards others and most importantly towards yourself. Speak from the heart, but do so with kindness. Speaking from your heart means speaking your truth, but that does not mean you have to be inconsiderate of other’s feelings. Anytime you question or worry if what you have said has offended others, you will know you have not spoken your truth.

Our last New Moon was about grounding our energy and realizing what no longer serves us. It can be devastating and hard to let go of something. We may still have emotional attachments to that thought, situation, thing, or person we have decided we need to let go of.  This new moon will optimize self love, that’s it’s okay to let go.

The energy of love is the most transformational energy there is. The alchemy of love allows us to truly be ourselves. The big theme this month is about authenticity. You will want to act and think from your highest self. Take the high road whenever you can, be the bigger person, don’t allow your shadow to consume you. Your shadow side presents itself, when you fear rejection.

In the 9 universal year of reflection and release, everything comes down to self love. As the famous spiritual/universal law states, only when you truly love yourself, can you accept the love of others.

This new moon energy will be extremely transformational. You will want to set your biggest most dream like intentions. Set them with your most heartfelt intent. The results will be magical!

With 6 months left in this arduous 2016 energy, you want to make the best of it, and that means, being the best version of yourself for the next 6 months. Drink some of your love potion no.9 to enjoy the benefits of love which boils down to truly being YOU!


Wear Rose Quartz

Wear Pink

Enjoy your passionate hobbies

Make a list of all of your gifts, amazing qualities, and things you love about yourself…….trust me this can be difficult.

Think about how your intentions will make you feel as if they have already manifested, revel in that energy, this will help to manifest your intentions so much quicker!



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