Welcome to The Luminessence

Lightworker. Diviner. Moon Goddess. Metaphysical Enthusiast.

A piece of mirror sitting on a desk full of occult subjects reflecting the rays of the sun, the silvery white light of the moon, beaming with intuition and magic.

Since going through my spiritual awakening 6 years ago, my life went from ordinary to magical!

This blog is mainly a creative outlet for insights and thoughts that I have on the broad subject of metaphysics, which for this blog will include, divination, astrology, cosmic events, esoterica, crystals, and occult topics.

I do not claim to be a certified teacher of this subject, I am only a life long student.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, debate, or connect.

In doing so, it is my wish that I find my tribe of like minded people who have decided to venture into this numinous abyss.

So join me in turning on your mystical lights, and experience The Luminessence!

And so it is.


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