Fall 2016 Trend: Chandeliers….The Hidden Meaning

The Fall 2016 runways glittered and twinkled with Chandelier motifs. Whether the runways were decorated with them, or whether they were featured on the fashion designs themselves, the ceiling mounted light fixtures lit up the fashion world.

I do not know if it was a mere coincidence that many designers used the Chandelier in their fall collections? What I do know, is that the Chandelier offers much symbolic significance, that speaks to the year 2016.

2016 reduces to the number 9, which makes it a 9 universal year. The number 9 in numerology is the number of completion, renewal, purging, and reflection. It is also the last year of a 9 year cycle, with next year, 2017, becoming the first year in our next 9 year cycle. This year we are closing a chapter of our lives, and I know it has been intense for all of us.

In symbology, the Chandelier is a bringer of light, and enhances one’s own inner light. I believe the Chandelier is making a comeback, in order for us to explore that inner light, and to remind us that we are all beings of light, we are all one.

Chandeliers are made with crystals, which help us to surrender and let go…..the big theme of 2016. Acknowledge the thoughts behind the feelings, and the feelings behind the thoughts. 2016 may be a dark year for us all, but you can only reach the light if you are first able to make it through the darkness. Chandeliers are hung from the ceiling, representing higher vibrations and ascension.

Chandeliers features hundreds or thousands of multi faceted crystals that serve to remind us of the human experience, which are all of the emotions, choices, challenges, and ideas we possess.

The twinkle of the Chandelier when aglow symbolizes that special sparkle we each possess.

Whether or not the designers were aware of this symbolism, I do believe that it was not random that this light fixture will be a popular trend this coming Fall. By this Fall, we will be nearing the end of an emotionally intense 2016. When you see the chandelier, be reminded of all the tears you cried, that have now turned into crystals of wisdom for your amazing 2017!


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